uRaptor: A/D Acquisition system

The latest generation of portable high-speed low power, A/D acquisition systems capable of digitizing an analog signal at rates from 300-1000 MSPS in 12-bit samples. The acquisition system is an open architecture platform that produces Midas blue files with platinum key words. The latest in storage technology enables continuous collection at one of three selectable bandwidths 80/160/320 MHz from an integrated analog prefilter frontend. Record offload capabilities allow for post-collection archiving to a portable 80TB RAID-50 eATX lunchbox or fixed rack-mount 80/160TB RAID-50 external array subsystems.

na-3000 screenshot

The uRaptor system is highly customizable for each individual's needs. Packaging options include a low power microATX lunchbox or short depth rack mount server, and a full-sized eATX lunchbox for extended capabilities.
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  • Continuous collection of up to 320MHz bandwidth
  • microATX portable lunchbox form-factor or 1U short-depth server
  • 8TB internal storage with optional external storage for extended recordings
  • Integrated receivers with three selectable bandwidths: 80/160/320MHz
  • Open architecture that produces Midas blue files (Linux OS)

    Signal Conditioning Options

  • Receiver with 1-6000MHz tuning capabilities
  • Bandwidths: 80/160/320MHz
  • Gain: Minimum: -90dB typical, 30/45 dB gain with preamplifier disabled/Enabled
  • Noise Figure: 15 dB max. at max gain setting

    Data Offload Capabilities

  • Integrated dual port 10GbE
  • Portable 80TB RAID-50eATX lunchbox
  • 80TB (3U) or 160TB (4U) RAID-50 SSD subsystem storage arrays for continuous file offload

    Acquisition Server

  • Standard System
    • Low-power, 16-core, D-1587 processors
    • 64GB Memory
    • Integrated 1-6000MHz receiver
    • Integrated GPS Receiver
    • 8TB internal RAID-0 SSD's
  • Basic Form Factors & SWaP
    • microATX lunchbox
    • 1U short-depth rackmount server

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