Ku-Band transponder payload

n~ask incorporated teamed with Virginia Tech to demonstrate geolocation capabilities of a Ku-Band VSAT terminal on an airborne collection platform with SWAP (size, weight, and power) characteristics suitable for Tier II (e.g. Shadow) UAV. Virginia Tech supplied two UAV collection platform with 6 x 6 x 12 and 10lbs payload capacities. n~ask incorporated developed the Ku-Band transponder payload.

UAV Payloads

n~ask developed payloads : Ku-Band transponder

COTS Configuration
Input Voltage: 10-24 VDC
Power: 45W
Weight: <10 lbs. w/battery (8.5 lbs w/o battery)
Battery Pack: 150 watt-hours
Three (3) hour runtime on battery pack
RF input: 12GHz to 18GHz (actual VSAT terminal frequency: 14.25 GHz)
RF output: 5.8GHz
Bandwidth: 25MHz


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