Advanced Analytics Enablement--saving you time, money, and manpower by empowering your workforce with the tools to capture, repeat, and share their analytic workflows! Blend your data in the cloud using our new tool brewlytics


Analytic Tradecraft is the deliberate and repeatable body of specific methods used to facilitate data analysis. Tradecraft efficiency is maximized through several high-level concepts—Capture the analyst’s processes; Automate the repetition of these processes; Optimize these processes through use and iteration; Present the results through existing, widely-used, and understood visualization and presentation applications such as Google Earth, ESRI ArcMap, Renoir, MS Powerpoint and Excel, Analyst Notebook, among others.

Our approach provides an easily understood means to capture Analytic Tradecraft. By automating the tedious tasks of data discovery and manipulation, analysts can glean valuable information from raw data within minutes--not hours.

We provide an environment for analysts and developers to easily collaborate on custom reusable recipes. The user's entire analytic process can be captured, edited, shared, and appended.

This unique philosophy provides a common vocabulary for analytics--facilitating an approach that is location independent and format agnostic. Data is not normalized and re-hosted, but queried in its native format, allowing the user access to the full semantic richness of the data. The n~ask analytic enablement paradigm enables the analyst to discover unanticipated questions and to make unexpected correlations.

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